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Tella, A.C. and Owalude, S. O. and Alimi, L. O. and Oladipo, A. C and Olatunji, S. J. and Adeyemi, O. G. (2016) Facile synthesis and vapochromic studies of Co(II) complexes bearing NO and OO donor ligands. Egyptian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 3. pp. 125-133.

Tella, A. C. and Owalude, S. O. and Adimula, V. O. and Oladipo, A. C. and Olayemi, V. T. and Ismail, B and Mumtaz, A. and Rehman, A. U and Khan, A M. and Clayton, H. S. and Tahir, N. M. (2021) Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of a Dinuclear Cu(II) Coordination Polymer Based on Quinoxaline and 3,3‑Thiodipropionic Acid Ligands. Joirnal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, 31. pp. 3089-3100.

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