Ionospheric response to the storm-time disturbance of 29 May, 2010

Joshua, B.W. and Adeniyi, J.O. and Adimula, I.A. and Oladipo, O.A. and Olawepo, O.A. and Adebiyi, S.J. (2014) Ionospheric response to the storm-time disturbance of 29 May, 2010. Advances in Space Research, 53 (2). 219�225.

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The Ionospheric F2-layer peak parameters response to a magnetic storm had been investigated over Ilorin, Nigeria (Lat. 8:53�N, Long. 4.5�E, dip angle, �2.96�), Jicamarca, Peru (11.95�S, 76.87�W, dip angle, 0.8�) and Hermanus, South Africa (34.42�S, 19.22�E, dip angle, �60.77�), using percentage enhancement/depletion values. Our results showed an enhancement in NmF2 at all of these stations. Averagely, pre-noon and post-noon peaks are highest at Ilorin during quiet time. The similar pattern observed for quiet condition between Ilorin and Jicamarca was due to their latitudinal positions. For disturbed NmF2 condition, Jicamarca and Ilorin recorded higher peaks at nighttime than during the daytime for the storms main phase, and the reverse over Hermanus. The nighttime and daytime increases were observed respectively at Ilorin and Hermanus during the recovery period. The hmF2 variation recorded higher enhancement at Jicamarca during the daytime and at Hermanus at nighttime during the main phase. During the recovery phase, the highest enhancement was recorded during the daytime at Jicamarca, and over Hermanus at nighttime. These observations find their explanation in the magnetospheric current, solar wind and E � B drift

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