Effectiveness of Moringa Oleifera and Blends of Both Alum and Moringa as Coagulant in the Treatment of Dairy Wastewater.

Elemile, Olugbenga O. and Eze, N.E and Ogedengbe, K. Effectiveness of Moringa Oleifera and Blends of Both Alum and Moringa as Coagulant in the Treatment of Dairy Wastewater. IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering.

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. Food processing industries can cause some serious problems for the environment through the discharge of wastewater. There is little information on the effectiveness of Moringa Oleifera (MO)seeds on the treatment of dairy wastewater, this study therefore evaluated the effectiveness of MO seeds and blends of both alum and MO in the coagulation of diary wastewater. Wastewater collected from oriental food industry limited was kept in a 10L capacity plastic container covered using a black polyethene bag containing ice blocks and conveyed to the laboratory where it was kept in a refrigerator. Six different beakers (Nos 0-5) were filled with 200 mL of wastewater and different doses of the selected coagulant (alum, MO and a blend of both) was added to the six beakers ranging from 0-10mL at an increment of 2mL to treat the wastewater. The beaker with number 0 served as the control (no dosage) and this whole process was applied to both coagulants. This test was carried out at a settling time of 1 hour. The physicochemical characteristics of the treated dairy wastewater were determined using the standard methods. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and ANOVA. The analysis indicated that the raw wastewater had values of 932 NTU, 1690.99 mg/L, 7.2 and 685 mg/L for turbidity, BOD, pH and TSS respectively. The results revealed that at an optimum dosage and settling time of 10mL and 1hr respectively, the TSS removal efficiencies of 88.76, 82.63 and 86.42 % were obtained for blend of moringa and alum, alum and moringa respectively. The three types of coagulants did not have much effects on the BOD and there were no significant differences in the values. The use of the blend of moringa and alum is effective in the treatment of dairy wastewater.

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