Fundamentalism: A Symptom of Social Breakdown and Tool for the Preservation of Socio-Religious Identity in Nigeria

Rasak, Bamidele Fundamentalism: A Symptom of Social Breakdown and Tool for the Preservation of Socio-Religious Identity in Nigeria. Politics and Religious Fundamentalism in Nigeria: Issues and Perspectives.

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A young Nigerian man who was willing to die in the name of fundamentalism on an aeroplane as it headed for the The United States caused a fair number to wonder if Nigeria was the next hotbed of extremist global terrorism. Fundamentalism is an effort by religious interpreters who like to go back to what they believe to be pure and original values and behaviour. Social change is important for the emergence of fundamentalism. Whenever there are drastic changes in society and a pace of change that disturbs community life, there is a loss of socio-religious identity and restlessness among people. Fundamentalism offers restitution and brings back the earlier better period. To achieve this, fundamentalists evolve a comprehensive and absolutist rigid belief system and practice. Social Movement Theory (SMT) provided the conceptual framework for this study and the secondary method of data collection materials was used to elicit information for the study. Recently, Nigeria has witnessed a rise in the numbers of radical Islamic sects notably among them is Boko Haram. These sects have resorted to the use of violence in a bid to realize their ambitions of a wider Islamization of the Nigerian Population. Perspectives shared on the rise of these radical movements are: poor socio-economic infrastructures, poor governance and poverty as a major catalysts to the rapid increase in the membership of these groups. Based on the above assertions, this paper, therefore, examines fundamentalism as a symptom of social breakdown and a tool for the preservation of socio-religious identity in Nigeria.

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