The Sociology of Housework: Industrial Sociology, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

Rasak, Bamidele The Sociology of Housework: Industrial Sociology, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. Fab Educational Books, Fab Anieh House, Awka, Anambra State Nigeria.

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In general, in the family household, the relationship between men and women has changed over the past few years. It is presumed that women now are completely equal with men in terms of law and politics and that they have passed from properties of men, without their own status, to the right of legal people. It should be possible to draw certain conclusions about the existence of gender roles in the family by recognizing the existence of domestic work, power relations, etc. Housework is not seen as a work, but as an aspect of the “feminine role” in life. The study helps in understanding the ideological presumption that housework is “working women” while the division of work inside the house is "normal" and represents the raw “equality” between men and women (the male part of work outside the household being a “different but equal” one to provide for his wife and children). It is also obvious, however, that female domestic work experience (in terms of time spent and energy consumed) differs considerably among social groups. On the basis of the above arguments, this study, therefore, considers the sociology of housework to be an extremely important subject for the management of human and industrial relations. Instead of merely concentrating on the conceptualization of housework as a work and as an element of the feminine role within the family, the perspective of the study explores social literature evidence that offers content relevant to the discourse. This study is aimed at organizations and academicians who research the sociology of housework between the contemporary and conventional dimensions of housework.

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