Toxic Effects of Bitter Leaf Pow-dered (Vernonia Amygdalina) Del, on Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Incognita), Affecting Tomato (Lycoper-sicon Esculentum)

Abolusoro, S. A. and Izuogu, N. B. and Abolusoro, P. F. and Ige, S. and Adebiyi, O. T. V. (2018) Toxic Effects of Bitter Leaf Pow-dered (Vernonia Amygdalina) Del, on Root-Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne Incognita), Affecting Tomato (Lycoper-sicon Esculentum). Science Plant in Advancements of Journal, 1 (2).

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de knot-Root: Keywords Kabba at house screen in tested was) incognita Meloidogyne (nematode knot root on amygdalina Vernonia leaf-bitter of effects toxic The were capacity litres- 11 pots Plastic. 2016 in time same the at repeated and 2015 July in, Nigeria, state kogi kabba, agriculture of College was VF Roma Var (Tomato. manner random complete a in house screen the in arranged and soil loam sandy sterilized stream with filled a incognita. M of) j2 (juveniles 2000 with inoculated was pot Each. sowing after weeks three pots plastic the of each into transplanted an was there while powder leaf bitter of ha/tones 0.2 and 5.1, 0.1, 5.0 levels four to up made were treatments The. transplanting after week experimental The. transplanting before weeks two amendment soil as applied was treatment The. ha/tones 0 by denoted control untreated that showed experiment the from result The. months six of period a covers experiment The. design randomized completely a was design control the with compared as tomato infested nematode of yield and growth in increases significant about brought powder leaf-bitter compared plants treated in higher significantly were) leaf and height (parameter growth The). WAP (planting after weeks 12 and 10 at .control in than plants treated in reduced significantly were index gall root and rate multiplication nematode The. control untreated with of yield and growth improved in resulted which rate lower the at than more nematode the control to appeared rate higher at Treatment root on effect toxic a has powder leaf bitter, that showed experiment this of result The. control untreated with compared plant treated the .(incognita.M (nematode knot

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