Biosorption of ibuprofen using functionalized bean husks

Bello, O.S. (2019) Biosorption of ibuprofen using functionalized bean husks. Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy, 13. ISSN 2352-5541

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The ability of bean husk, an agricultural waste, as a promising adsorbent for sequestering Ibuprofen fromaqueous solution was investigated. Bean husk waste was modified using ortho-phosphoric acid. The preparedadsorbent was further characterized using FTIR, SEM, EDX and pHpzctechniques respectively. FTIR revealedprominent functional groups for IBP adsorption, SEM showed several pores on activated bean husk making itsuitable for trapping IBP molecules. EDX results of acid activated bean husk has the highest percentage of carbonby weight (84.21%) and (89.02%) by atom, respectively. pHpzcstudies revealed that the surface of the preparedadsorbent contains predominantly acidic groups: carboxyl (0.531 mmol/g), phenolic (0.845 mmol/g) and lac-tonic (0.021 mmol/g) totalling 1.397 mmol/g while basic group has 0.700 mmol/g. Operational parameters suchas: contact time, pH, temperature, initial IBP concentrations and adsorbent dose were studied. Optimum IBPadsorption took place at a pH of 4.75. Isotherm studies were conducted using Langmuir, Freundlich, Temkin andDubinin-Radushkevich isotherm models respectively. Langmuir isotherm aligned best with the adsorption data.The maximum monolayer adsorptive capacity of the modified adsorbent was 50.00 mg/g at 50 °C. Four differentkinetic models viz; pseudofirst order, pseudo second order, Elovich, and Intraparticle-diffusion were used toinvestigate the kinetic process. Adsorption datafitted the pseudo second order kinetic model most.Thermodynamic parameters revealed that the process is spontaneous and endothermic. The study revealed thatbean husk is a good precursor for activated carbon preparation; it is an efficient, readily available, economicallyfriendly alternative for the sequestration of ibuprofen from aqueous solution.

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Subjects: Q Science > QD Chemistry
Date Deposited: 17 Sep 2019 15:06
Last Modified: 17 Sep 2019 15:06

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