Effectiveness of Indigenous Knowledge Practices among Sheep and Goat Farmers in Igbomina Land in Osun and Kwara States, Nigeria

AJALA, A.O and Oyawoye, E.O. and Bamiro, O. M. and Alabi, O.O. and Ajayi, B.A (2016) Effectiveness of Indigenous Knowledge Practices among Sheep and Goat Farmers in Igbomina Land in Osun and Kwara States, Nigeria. Journal of Forestry Research and Management, 13. pp. 1-13.


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Modern veterinary inputs are not always available and accessible and sometimes too expensive for the poor marginal farmers or pastoralists whereas Indigenous Knowledge Practices (IKPs) provide cheap, easy to use alternative to the resource poor farmers. This study therefore investigated the perceived effectiveness of IKPS of sheep and goat farmers among the Igbomina land. Multistage sampling procedure was employed to select two hundred and forty sheep and goat farmers. Data were summarised with frequency counts, percentages, mean and correlation coefficient. The mean age of the farmers was 50.8±10.1 years and majority (67%) were males. Results showed that the following IKPs were widely used by sheep and goat farmers in the study area:bark of Iroko (Milicia excelsa), /Tagiri (Adenopus breviflorus)/Unripe pawpaw for intestinal worms, Ground Tobacco leaves in water for tick infestation, Igi-Erin (Hunteria unbellata) /seeds of Iroko tree(Chlorophora excels)/Sand paper leaf (Ficus exasperata) and Palm oil for lice infestion, Sheabutter and salt, roast seeds of Iroko tree(Milicia excelsa)/effirin-Basil plant (Occimomum Basilicum.) for foot rot, ground alligator pepper for Orf, Igi Emi(Vitellariav paradoxa) for wound treatment, Palm oil for bloat treatment,Oloora (Rauvolfia vomitoria) bark andPalm oil for treating ingestion of poisonous plants, fermented ground maize and millet flour for sheep and goat pox, Jatropha curcas squeeze andPalm oil for treating retained placenta, Wood ash for broken horn, Onion solution and Charcoal mill fordiarrhea and dysentary among others. The levels of awareness, usage and effectiveness of the IKPs were high with a positive and significant relationship between effectiveness of IKPs and years of schooling (r= 0.217 0.05) and annual income(r = 0.67 0.01) while there is a negative and significant relationship with amountof savings(r = - 0.19 0.05). It is recommended that extension should forward the IKPs to the various research organizations with samples for investigation and authentication. Also, extension should teach the poor marginal farmers or pastoralists how to identify the plants, and the best way to prepare and administer the preparations.

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